The Real Reason to Quit Facebook

It’s lame.

Yes, the Russian bots and trolls.

Yes, the creepy data vampires.

Yes, the “free speech” hate speech.

Yes, the covert manipulation.

These are all real things. But at base, Facebook is just a shitty ad platform disguised as your friends.

Ideas don’t travel. They fester. Bouncing off Facebook’s Four Walls. Our power, muffled. Our voices, muted.

I didn’t delete my account, but I don’t open the app often. Maybe once every couple weeks. There’s just very little pull for me anymore.

All these platforms suck in their own way. But I’ve found more utility in Twitter and Medium lately, at least for what I use them for. Here’s an article with a little more about why that’s been true (with some personal data to back it up).

Zuck perks up. “Did someone say data? Delicious data?”

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Writer, Educator, Musician. Trying to listen more than I speak.

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