If only it were grandfathered.

That would have saved us all the trouble. Set up a new GDPR-compliant subscribe form, and you’re good.

But it’s not that way. It’s a hassle, and everyone’s panicking this week because (as you say) who knows how the E.U. is going to enforce it?

All it takes is one claim and you have a legal load on the business. Not to mention that the fines are steep — can you handle -4% of your annual revenue?

I hope this helps though— I created an automation to ask, ask, ask, unsubscribe. It works for filtering out your list NOW before the compliance date (Friday, 5/25!) AND with a little adjustment, AFTERWARDS too for your sign-up process.

What I was trying to do is to have a GDPR-compliant process — but 1) not lose all of your subscribers now, and 2) not have to succumb to the friction of double opt-in for the future.


  • The NOW version still requires a little manual work — you have to filter out all those who are known to be in non-E.U. countries. I did this bluntly with anyone who’s NOT in the U.S.
  • The FUTURE version may not be 100% compliant — it allows for signup via short-form, but then immediately they get the ask, ask, ask, unsubscribe sequence if their location is unknown.
  • I am not a lawyer. Listen to me only to your preferred risk level.

I hope this process helps you manage this “GDPR List Apocalypse” a little more fluidly, with the minimum amount of list damage.

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Writer, Educator, Musician. Trying to listen more than I speak. http://mboezi.com/now

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