The Fever Never Broke

It doesn’t matter what we hoped

Michael Boezi
2 min readNov 8, 2023

“How can they be so stupid?“ is not a way to win over the victims of right wing propaganda. My new single “Fever” (published this week) attempts to get from frustration and disbelief to empathy in 4 minutes. Disinformation is deployed by those in power to keep us apart, distracted by tribalism and bitter in-fighting. When we see through it to experience and emphasize our commonality, we can come together collectively for social good.

This sentiment earned me a $1,000 arts grant to support the studio production of this track. I made a pitch with a demo and a set of lyrics, along with my aim to have it serve a social good. The song was tested in front of real audiences. I’ve performed it live a number of times now, and it nearly always generates an intense reaction. You can feel the energy shift in the room. It’s been revised again and again in response to feedback and post-show audience comments.

Available in all streaming platforms — easy links here:

The song features the beautiful backing vocals of Britt Connors, who guested on One Sunday in Autumn as well. And like my other recent singles, this song is made infinitely better by some of the Boston area’s best musicians: Andrew Stern (Mark Erelli Band, Dennis Brennan Band) on lead and 12-string guitar, Dave Brophy (Will Dailey, Alisa Amador) on drums & percussion, Joe McMahon (Unelected Mayor of Lower Allston) on bass, and Peter Fernandez (my Rockmores musical comrade) on organ.

I dig it, Britt’s voice is golden mixed with yours. Sweet chorus, memorable. Bass sounds great in headphones, sweet mix… and that Wurly organ is such a nice addition too. Again, solid headphone mix!”

— Robb, supporter on Patreon

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Genre: Anti-Capitalist Americana / Alternative

Artist bio: Original songs about human responses to the ills of capitalism, consumerism, and hyperindividualism. I perform regularly in the metro Boston area, and I get compared to Billy Bragg, Andrew Bird, Kurt Vile, Johnny Marr, Lord Huron, Mark Knopfler, R.E.M., and Elvis Costello.

Here is the complete set of 12 singles (so far):



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