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Phase 2 of the Resistance to Social Media

So you’re going to use social media to promote your business? Great — I love to hear that. I’m such a proponent, especially when it’s one part of a cohesive content strategy. If you get it right, you’re making efficient use of all your content, using it to form valuable connections with your online audience.

OK, I’m going to try social media for my business, but I’m going put in the smallest amount of effort into it as possible.

Watch the video to hear more about this:

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WATCH THE VIDEO: Click the link referenced above.

Getting Past the Resistance

The reasons I hear (or uncover) most often are:

  • Persistence. Didn’t stick with it long enough.
  • Patience. Didn’t give it enough time.
  • Content. Didn’t get the nuances right.
  • Timing and frequency. Posted too much or too little.
  • Broadcast mindset. All output rather than bi-directional.
  • The science is that it’s like a experiment, where you are constantly adding new stimuli into environment, observing the results, and iterating.

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Writer, Educator, Musician. Trying to listen more than I speak.

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