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How to Attract an Agent, Publisher, or Label

From Portfolio to Platform to Preparing Your Pitch

Set Up Your Basic Business Infrastructure

1. Your website. Online hub = required.

2. Your email list. Start this immediately.

3. Your social presence. Meet new fans.

4. Your online store. Allow people to pay you!

Create an Online Portfolio

5. Your creative work. Showcase it on your site.

6. Your creative work. In other outlets too!

7. Your blog. Content that supports your work.

Build a Powerful Audience Platform

8. Your art matters. Get it in front of people.

9. Your presence. Show up and converse.

10. Your funnel. Create a path to purchase.

Start Pitching: Strategic and Focused Outreach

1. Build Your Media Kit

2. Identify the Right Outlets

3. Make Your Pitch

Final Word: Don’t Depend On It

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Writer, Educator, Musician. Trying to listen more than I speak.

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