Google, Facebook, Apple, and Amazon: How the “Four Horsemen” Affect Your Content Strategy

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At this year’s DLD Conference, Dr. Scott Galloway (NYU Stern School of Business) describes in great detail the massive media shift that has the potential and power to destroy any business that doesn’t know — and play by — the New Rules.

Customers have spoken. They don’t want ads, they don’t want interruptions. They want valuable content. The Advertising Age is over. Brush this off if you must, but it’s whistling in the dark.

So, is your content strategy in line with Google, Facebook, Apple, and Amazon? Whether your business is centered around content (publishing, music, movies, etc.) or is simply content to sell products or services, you need good content. This is not even arguable anymore. But if it doesn’t “play nice” with the four media giants, you’re invisible. It’s their world now, whether we like it or not.

While the consolidation of media is scary and even a little depressing, there are two big take-aways that you should immediately apply to your own business. First, watch the YouTube video of Dr. Galloway’s talk. It’s the best 16 minutes you’ll spend this quarter, if not the whole year. Here’s the video, with my commentary attached.

To me, it was a wake-up call. As a content strategist, I live this stuff. I that it’s important. But the scope and scale of Google, Facebook, Apple, and Amazon is almost unimaginable. It has an effect on everything we do in the business world.

This is a digest. To read the entire post — and watch Dr. Galloway’s presentation — please see:

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