Building a Foundation on Your Own “Land”

A Requirement for Writers (If You Want a Make a Career Out of It)

Hi Brian, thanks for your thoughtful and considerate response. If the only metric — or even the most important metric — was views, I might agree with you. To me, that’s only the starting point. A handshake, a nice-to-meet-you. I can’t get to know you without at least seeing a piece you’ve written.

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It’s a Choice Though — Hobby or Career?

Your point about smaller scale is a good one — and Medium could be a great way to start building an audience. Cool that you’ve had success. But at some point, if you want to get serious about a writing career, you need a platform. For instance, a publisher won’t take you seriously without it — and it’s more than just an audience that reads your stuff. It’s about having a durable asset — a measure of your sales potential. Here’s more about that in a piece that generates about 5–6 new sign-ups per day for a set of free email lessons:

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